The Latest Affiliate Traffic Insights: October 2023 Overview by DeepCI

In collaboration with iGB Affiliate, we’re excited to share the latest trends and insights from the iGaming sector’s affiliate traffic. This October, our comprehensive analysis expands significantly, encompassing new geographies and offering detailed insights into the dynamics of casino and sports betting traffic across the globe.

Expansion of Our Dataset

Our October 2023 report marks a significant expansion in our coverage, with nine new countries now under our meticulous monthly tracking. These include Bangladesh, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Serbia, South Korea, UAE, and Vietnam. This expansion allows us to provide more comprehensive insights into affiliate and brand visibility in these emerging markets.

Key Highlights

  • Resilience in the Face of Algorithmic Changes: The igaming sector’s landscape is continually evolving, especially with Google’s ever-changing algorithms. However, the persistence of top affiliates in maintaining their rankings is a remarkable feat. They’ve achieved this through a strategic and diverse keyword portfolio, ensuring they remain buoyant despite the fluctuating digital tides. This highlights not only their mastery of SEO but also their deep understanding of the market dynamics.

Noteworthy Market Movements:

  • Hungary’s Rising Star: In a dramatic shift, has ascended rapidly within the sports betting vertical, leaping from the 22nd to the 2nd position. This significant rise speaks volumes about their targeted content strategy and their keen understanding of the Hungarian market’s preferences and trends.
  • Indonesia’s Casino Vertical: Slotozilla’s remarkable jump of 27 spots to secure the 5th position in Indonesia’s casino vertical is a testament to their aggressive SEO strategies and content optimization. This movement indicates a changing landscape in the Indonesian igaming sector and the effectiveness of adaptive marketing techniques.
  • South Africa’s SEO Success Story:’s ascent to the 4th spot in the South African casino vertical is not just a success; it’s a masterclass in SEO strategy. Their rise is indicative of a well-executed plan that aligns with local market interests and search behaviors, setting a benchmark for others in the industry.

We’re also thrilled to introduce animated graphics that vividly illustrate the journey of top-performing affiliates in various markets. The first of this series showcases’s remarkable rise in South Africa’s casino vertical.

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