March 2024 iGaming Leaderboards

In countries all over the world, we’re keeping an eye on evey single affiliate website. We highlight here those websites that players turn to first. What’s their secret? They match with tons of search terms. This means when you’re looking for gaming or betting info, they’re the ones that show up.

Spotlight on Canada: and

In Canada, two big names, and, are winning this race. is being found for more than 130,000 different keywords people search for, and for over 100,000. That’s a lot! This wide net of search terms helps them stay at the top, even when Google changes how it ranks websites. We show you in our charts below where each of and get the bulk of their traffic from. Operators that know the source of an Affiliate’s traffic can determine the sort of players they can get.

Because these websites match with so many search terms, small changes by Google don’t really shake their top spots. It’s like having a big, comfy cushion that keeps you safe and secure on your throne.

Big Moves Mean Big Strategies

Now, when we do see a change at the top, it’s a big deal. It means that website is doing something really smart. For example, in Hungary jumped from 14th to 2nd place, and in Sweden went from 15th to 4th. These are not small changes; they show these affiliates are playing a smart game.

Watch Out for the Underdogs

In the smaller but lucrative UAE market, we’re seeing some big moves from and It’s always exciting to see marketplaces get shaken up!

Wrapping Up

So, what’s the takeaway? Staying at the top means being the best match for not just a few search terms, but loads of them. And when someone does climb up the ranks, it’s because they’re really nailing their SEO game. It’s all about being where the players are, and the top affiliates know just how to do that.

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