The Latest Affiliate Traffic Insights: December 2023 Overview by DeepCI

Dive into DeepCI’s detailed exploration of December 2023’s iGaming affiliate traffic, in partnership with iGB Affiliate. At DeepCI, we’re dedicated to delivering an in-depth and current analysis of the iGaming sector’s affiliate traffic, encompassing a wide range of countries and markets.

This month’s report highlights a period of stability and exciting developments in emerging markets. DeepCI’s data reveals significant progressions in Latin America and Asia, along with notable advancements in the UK sports vertical post-acquisition of Catena Media’s assets.


Key findings include:

  • Stability in the top 5 affiliates in both sports and casinos in the biggest 50 geographies.
  •’s impressive leap in Argentina’s sports category.
  • is taking the lead in Malaysia’s casino vertical.
  •’s rise in Vietnam’s sports scene.


In the UK, the sports vertical sees a resurgence with and making significant strides among the top 5.


Moreover, our analysis of top-ranking brands on affiliate websites showcases 385 leading names, with Bet365 leading frequently. Other prominent players include 1XBet, Betano, and Betfair.

DeepCI’s cutting-edge tools and analytics are pivotal in identifying these trends and insights, offering a clear view of the market’s evolution. For those keen to delve deeper into the nuances of the igaming affiliate traffic and leverage these insights for strategic advantage, DeepCI is your go-to source.

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