The Rising Challenge for Traditional Affiliates from Media Sites

In the ever-evolving iGaming affiliate sector, a stark contrast is becoming increasingly evident between conventional affiliate platforms and the expansive media conglomerates that now incorporate iGaming content. We are keenly observing this trend, recognizing the significant search engine optimization (SEO) advantage these larger entities possess, even though only a small segment of their audience may be directly interested in iGaming.

Key Observations:

  • Media Influence: Large media sites, despite their broad focus, are beginning to overshadow traditional iGaming affiliates in Google’s SEO rankings due to their vast reach and domain authority.
  • Market Dynamics: Traditional iGaming affiliates are feeling the pressure but there are standout performers adapting and thriving amidst these changes.

Spotlight on Success:

Italy:, known for sports betting, is now making a mark in the casino space, leveraging its SEO strengths.

South Africa: has quickly climbed to become a leading affiliate, indicating strategic moves are paying off.

Portugal: has jumped 11 positions, taking the lead in the competitive Portuguese sports betting market.

This landscape suggests that while large media sites are gaining ground, there’s still room for traditional affiliates to excel with the right SEO and market strategies.

Highlight of the Month: South Africa’s Casino Market

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